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Matt Burns is an independent writer/filmmaker from the Boston area whose work has been critically acclaimed by Ray Carney, a man who is known to be one of the world's experts on American Independent Film. Carney has posted many of Burns' essays on his popular indie website ( and has recommended his work to readers and fans.


Burns is a graduate of the Boston University College of Communication film program where he shot five films on 16mm film. Burns has also made several short films outside BU, all of which have received much praise for their unique style and sense of humor, as well as their profundity.

You can view "The Second Beast", "We're Good", "So Sorry" and more of Burns' films by clicking the "Films and Videos" tab on the right menu. His 30-minute paranormal documentary "A Parallel World" is available for viewing there as well.


In addition to his filmmaking, Burns is also a prolific video artist. He has made music videos, wedding videos, live concert videos, sports videos, short documentaries, "Mystery-Science-Theater-3000-type videos", and other fun projects. Some of his most popular videos include "Running in Bird Park", "There's Only One November!" (a Fox Sports parody), "Haunted house", "Dance Machine", "Push" (a music video for BUILD A MACHINE), and the "Slumber Party Massacre 3" series.


Burns has written a total of twenty-five screenplays since the end of his time at BU, fifteen of which are feature-length. His short script "Man with a Video Camera" placed as a semi-finalist in the national 'Anything But Hollywood' screenplay contest; his feature script "Watermelon 4032" placed as a quarterfinalist in the national 'Scriptapalooza' screenplay contest; and his feature script "The Woman and the Dragon" ranked within the top twenty-percentile at the International Screenwriter's Expo in Los Angeles.

His scripts have also piqued the interest of major Hollywood agents, managers and producers (such as Richard Gladstein - Reservoir Dogs/Cider House Rules - and Larry Meistrich - Sling Blade), though as of this date Burns has found it difficult to become accepted by Hollywood.

Aside from his screenwriting, Burns has written five novels, two memoirs, countless short fiction and non-fiction stories, dozens of essays and hundreds of poems. His poetry has been published in Los Angeles-based "Poetic Diversity" literary magazine. Also, the first 30 pages of each novel he's written are currently available to read online (click the 'Novels' tab on the right menu).


** Burns is currently trying to get a couple of his projects to actor/producer Johnny Depp. Although he has experienced great difficulty in contacting Mr. Depp, he is adamant about getting through to him. If you are Johnny Depp or know Johnny Depp or are a distant fifth cousin of Johnny Depp, Burns would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

4/29/15 -- Burns is a guest critiquer on the latest webisode of "Writer's Infusion". Watch the episode HERE.

3/3/15 -- Burns is featured on the webisode series "Writer's Infusion". He reads an excerpt from his novel BLOWTORTURE and is critiqued by a panel of judges, American-Idol-style. Watch the webisode HERE.

12/31/14 -- Burns has started a new blog "The Burnzo Papers" where he provides a unique perspective on the world's current events. Check it out HERE.

12/25/14 -- Burns' short story "The Toilet-Paper People" has won first place in "The Healing Moon" holiday writing contest. You can read the story HERE.

10/2/14 -- Burns' horror screenplay BLOWTORTURE makes it as a quarterfinalist in Stage 32's "Hunt for New Blood" screenwriting contest. Read about this HERE.

4/18/14 -- Burns has some writing published in the prestigious "Poetic Diversity" literary 'zine' of Los Angeles. Click HERE to read.

3/7/14 -- Some of Burns' writing is due to be published in the April issue of Los Angeles-based "Poetic Diversity" literary magazine.

12/23/13 -- Burns finishes a first draft of the novel version of BLOWTORTURE. This is his fifth novel. Read the first 30 pages by clicking on the 'novels' tab to the right side of the page.

12/3/13 -- Burns' screenplay BLOWTORTURE is a quarterfinalist in The Happy Writers screenplay contest, out of 953 entries.

6/21/13 -- Burns finishes his newest novel SUPERMARKET ZOMBIES. Read the first 30 pages by clicking on the 'novels' tab on the right menu.

3/3/13 -- Burns pitches a project to an agent at United Talent Agency. The pitch is successful, resulting in a script request.

2/6/13 -- Burns finishes a first draft of his fourth novel SUPERMARKET ZOMBIES!

2/2/13 -- Burns pitches a project to Disney. The pitch is successful, resulting in a script request and a second meeting with the executive.

11/29/12 -- Burns appears as a featured guest on Paramania Radio's "Paranormally Correct" with hosts Chad Mckenzie and Sara Spencer. Listen to some of the show HERE.

10/14/12 -- Burns pitches his screenplay REEL MONSTER to New Regency (MR. AND MRS. SMITH, FALLING DOWN). They like the pitch and want to read the script.

9/9/12 -- Burns pitches his screenplay JOHNNY CRUISE to Bold Films (DRIVE, LEGION). They like the pitch and want to read the script.

5/16/12 -- Burns completes his newest short film WE'RE GOOD, a dark comedy. A man spends the days following a one-night stand in a kind of psychological hell, fearing that the sex may not have been the safest it could have. Watch it at the following link:

4/22/12 -- Burns completes his newest novel entitled REEL MONSTER. Read the first 50 pages at the following link: REEL MONSTER (the novel)

1/30/12 -- Burns completes his newest short film, a comedy called SO SORRY. Watch it at this link:

11/15/11 -- Burns posts a new blog/video documentary entitled "Crossing Over", where he witnesses a group of mediums cross the spirit of a recently-deceased grandmother over to the 'other side'. Read/view the story HERE.

9/23/11 -- Burns completes a new short story entitled THE SERIAL DUMPER, a comedic story about an insecure man on a first date. Read the story by clicking HERE.

9/8/11 -- Burns completes his new screenplay, a philosophical horror movie called BLOWTORTURE. Read the first 30 pages here:

8/16/11 -- Burns completes a new short story entitled LIFE HAS A WAY, a dark tale set in Las Vegas. Read the story at the following link:

6/17/11 -- Burns completes a new screenplay entitled SUPERMARKET ZOMBIES!!! Read the first 30 pages here:

4/16/11 -- Burns discovers he had a total of 32 past lives. He was a soldier in some of them and murdered in others. Read the entire story here:

3/20/11 -- Another update to Burns' alleged past life as actress Carole Lombard in Hollywood:

3/7/11 -- Burns discovers further proof that he had a past life as actress Carole Lombard in Hollywood. Read all about it at the following link:

1/26/11 -- Burns completes another feature-length screenplay entitled THE WOMAN AND THE DRAGON. Read the first 30 pages at the following link:

1/17/11 -- Burns completes another feature-length screenplay, a teen adventure comedy entitled WEIRD SCIENCE MEETS LAST ACTION HERO. Read the first 30 pages here:

1/8/11 -- Burns completes the screenplay adaptation for his novel JOHNNY CRUISE.

12/8/10 -- Burns has discovered - through regression therapy - that he was an actress in Hollywood during a recent past life. And there is very strong evidence to suggest that he was CAROLE LOMBARD. Read about the discovery at the following link:

10/4/10 -- Burns is regressed to his most recent past life by regression therapist Donna Ciaciarella. Through the regression, he is forced to come to terms with a traumatic role he played during the Holocaust. Read the entire story at the following link:

8/29/10 -- Burns posts an excerpt from his second novel O TERRIBLE! Read it at the following link:

8/29/10 -- Burns posts an excerpt from his novel JOHNNY CRUISE. Read it at the following link:

8/6/10 -- Burns finishes a first draft of his new novella O TERRIBLE!

8/4/10 -- After consulting with a medium, Burns discovers that great American novelist Henry James is "with him" as a spirit guide. Read all about this discovery at the following link:

7/21/10 -- Burns completes his first video promo for Zanies Dog Toys. Click this link to view:

6/3/10 -- World-renown film/art critic Ray Carney ( gives Burns a stellar review for his performance in "King of Hearts":
Ray Carney Review

6/3/10 -- After consulting with a medium, Burns discovers that the spirits of Hunter S. Thompson and Nathanael West are "with him" as spirit guides. Click on this link to read about the amazing discovery:

5/17/10 -- Newspaper Photo Spread for "King of Hearts":
Wicked Local

5/17/10 -- Another positive review for "King of Hearts": Theatre Mirror

5/17/10 -- Critics are calling Burns' performance in KING OF HEARTS "Brilliant", "Outstanding" and "Remarkable":
'King of Hearts' shows light amidst war's ruins

5/7/10 -- "King of Hearts" opens at the Walpole Footlighters Theater and runs through May 23rd. This is Burns' first stage role in ten years. He plays a lunatic mute named Demosthenes.

3/29/10 -- After consulting with another medium, Burns discovers two more of his spirit guides: silent movie icons Lillian Gish and D.W Griffith. Read about this discovery here:

1/28/10 -- After visiting a medium, Burns discovers that two of his "spirit guides" are John Cassavetes and Alfred Hitchcock, among others. Read all about it at this link:

1/13/10 -- Burns releases new footage of himself playing percussion with BUILD A MACHINE at the "British Beer Company" in Norwood, MA. Watch it here:

12/12/09 -- Burns lands role in Walpole Footlighter's production of "The King of Hearts". He plays the role of a lunatic mute named Demosthenes. Show goes up in May.

11/25/09 -- Burns has completed his first novel, entitled JOHNNY CRUISE, and is now in search of a literary agent...or, even better, a publisher.

10/18/09 -- Burns' Youtube channel has reached an audience of 200,000 people. Check it out at

10/8/09 -- Burns' "reality TV" script REGRESSED is circulating networks in Holland, some of which are showing interest.

9/7/09 -- Burns is close to completing the first draft of his first novel entitled JOHNNY CRUISE.

7/4/09 -- Burns launches new blog named "The Natty Ice Diaries". Follow it at this link:

6/6/09 -- Painting Entertainment in Los Angeles is in talks about producing two of Burns' short comedy scripts - "So Sorry" and "Pure Sextacy"

5/30/09 -- Pilgrim Films contacts Burns because they are interested in casting him in the Sci-Fi channel's "Ghost Hunters Academy".

5/7/09 -- Burns completes a thirty-minute documentary entitled "A Parallel World" where he investigates a house alleged to be haunted and communicates with an entity. Go to his films page to watch it.

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